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Thursday Team Call - April 7, 2011 @ 7:00 CST

Tonight, on our Thursday weekly team call I went over a few things!! First, I went over the amazing call that took place last night between Kim Davis, Meredith Kallaher & one of the Founders of Bamboopink, Jude Steele! And what an amazing call it was! What I pretty much did, was tell Jude's told by her! I brushed on the newly REVISED Comp Plan, the leadership event coming up in Dallas & also on a  wonderful contest that Bamboopink is holding! This is how the call went! :)

Last night, a wonderful call took place by Kim Davis, Meredith Kallaher & Jude Steele! Kim Davis is a former CPA & is now a Stay-at-home-mom & what she calls, "Bamboopink Crazy"! Meredith Kallaher is the BIGGEST TEAM BUILDER IN THE COMPANY of Bamboopink! She has, 20,000 people, if not close to, on her team! There are 25,000 Consultants in Bamboopink!! So over 3/4 of Bamboopink is on her team!! That's absolutely amazing!!

Jude started the call by saying that this business is about US!! "We are in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves", she says! She then said that once we receive our jewelry kits, we will have 21 days to order products at a 50% discounted retail rate to be able to build our own product line!! We don't have to, but if you are wanting more samples than what comes in your kit, you are welcome to! This is your call! You build your busines however you want!! There is good news & bad news! The GREAT news is that we are all on the ground floor of a compnay that has a tremendous amount of momentum! She isn't quite sure if anyone in the jewelry business has had this kind of momentum! The negative or bad news, if you want to call it that, is that potentially we will have a few growing pains coming out of the gate! There have been a lot of talk going on about how some people feel this way, or they aren't happy with this or that! This company has been built from the ground up! It's not perfect...YET!! So yes, there will be some kinks that need to be worked out!! We all just need to take a deep breath & bear with them, because this is seriously a wonderful life-changing opportunity...a once in a life-time opportunity!!

Kim Davis then gets on the line & tells about how & why she got involved with Bamboopink! When Meredith asked her to join & she got involved with the company in January, it only took one call that Jude & Frances were on to get her hooked! Jude & Frances are one thing that makes her the most passionate about Bamboopink! They are her WHY behind Bamboopink beause they are so inspiring & they are the ones who got her to take this leap of faith!

Kim goes on by asking Jude to tell her story!! There were many people on the call that had not had the priviledge to hear her story! Kim wanted her to tell everyone where she was 10 years ago, to tell about her journey, what brought her to Bamboopink & what we can learn & take away from her experiences!

10 years ago, she was a single mother with 3 kids, pretty much struggling trying to find out what she should do! She got married & had her kids at a very young age & so she did photography part-time! She never really made a lot of money by it because of it being only part-time! She then ended up somewhere she never thought she'd ever be! She was divorced! She was basically living, in her words, "hand to mouth"! Meaning child support check to child support check, a little bit of spousal support here & a little alimony there! She had to scrap everything she could together when she bought her 1st condo! She said that her realtor was one of her very good friends. Her friend actually donated back her commission she made on the condo for her downpayment! She was able to pay her back within a 2 year period! Then she met Frances!

At the time she met Frances, she had a small jewelry boutique selling retail with a friend! She really wasn't crazy about it all that much due to the fact of the hours because she said that she is more of an Entepreneur such a we are! If we wake up at 2 a.m & want to work on something we can! If we want to work some on the weekend, but only during certain hours, we can! So Frances & Jude became really good friends over about a 6 month period! They always knew of each because their children went to school together but they never actually "knew" each other! So one day, Frances took Jude out to lunch for her birthday! Frances always knew that she wanted to do something long term! She then told Jude that she wanted to start a jewelry company & wanted her to be her partner! Jude said, "Absolutely" & the literally started sketching the next day at Frances' diningroom table!

They each made a $4500 investment into the company! Jude actually had to sell a family ring because she didn't have $4500 in savings! They put a total of $9000 into the company & have never had to put another dime into it! They funded their 1st year of JudeFrances by selling jewelry to their friends! That is one similarity between JudeFrances & BambooPink!

Jude went on to say how Frances taught her how to empower herself! Alot of women get into certain situations & they think, "Well, the only way I'll be able to get out of this is if a man gets me out of it"! Frances taught her that's not true! Jude does believe that the sky is the limit & that BambooPink can be a $300 million company! A close friend of hers told her that the reason she is so successful is because she doesn't know what she doesn't know! And when you really think about it, it's the truth! We honestly don't know what we don't know! If you visualize your dreams & goals, they can totally come true! Go back to that list that Paul told you to make with 10 goals! Each of them starting out with, "I will..."! Visualize those! Look at them morning/day/night! Her advice to everyone is: "We can all change our lives! We can make as much money as we are willing to make & visualize! We all need Peace-Of-Mind & good sleep at night!"

She talks about Frances & how amazing she is! She goes on to say how stunnigly beautiful she is & that she has a heart of gold! She said that she has more integrity than anyone that she has ever met! The longer she gets to know her, the more she loves her & the more she respects her! What an amazing & beautiful friendship they have!

Don't think that she left out Deb Millar, the 3rd partner! She has actually known Deb for years! She lost touch with her for a little bit & also knew that she was in direct sales! They both reached out to her & with her background and her help, they formed an amazing partnership! Deb also really wanted to help empower women & teach them business skills! So with the 3 of them, its a very good combination & no doubt that this will be successful!

Jude is in the process of planning, what she calls (& I'm sure that is an understatement), amazing event in Southern California for about 350 people at the end of September! She said that she is planning some really fun things!

Meredith Kallaher added to Jude's story! With 20,000 people on her team, she believes that the business model, "We get to work for ourselves but not by ourselves" is perfect! She went on by saying how neat it is to find people who is willing to work with us & then we are able to teach people what we know & be able to watch them grow! And that is so true! BambooPink has such an amazing support system within!

Jude confirms that sales WILL go live to the public on FRIDAY, APRIL 15! The reasoning for that date is because they want everyone to receive their boxes, and have the commissions all straight & because they will have 21 days to purchase items at 50% off! This is will be easier to build up your inventory, if you want! They have also had the Comp Plan looked at several times by professionals & they all thing that it is very generous! They want to empower us all to make more money!

Once I finished telling about the Wednesday night call, I added some information to my team call! Frances, Deb & Jude will all be at the leadership events on the 18th in Memphis & 19th in Dallas! We do have some updated information on the event in Dallas! The party will be from 7 pm to 10 pm at a beautiful home in Highland Park! The event will take place at the home of a BambooPink Consultant's Aunt's home! The dress is business casual! Light dinner & sweets will be served by Urban Crust & a photographer & videographer will be there to record our memories! This party is just for team members, so if your spouse is travelling with you & is interested in meeting up with some of the other spouse's, let us know & that can be arranged! In order to be eligible to attend, you must have a team of at least 20 with atleast 5 personals! You still have some time to get your #s up! So keep sending out those emails & signing people up & let me know if you want to RSVP! :)

I then concluded our meeting by saying that a lot of exciting things are about to take place in the upcoming week! So keep your eyes & ears open for it all!! :)


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