Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Notes from our 2nd team call - 7:00 PM CST

I've gotten some questions regarding how to build your teams! So, I decided what better opportunity than to have a Team Call!

If you missed the call, the call back # is (712) 432-0075 with access code 689118#! But here are the notes on what the call what was about!

- #1: BCC:   Blind Carbon Copy your emails! BCC is an option you have when sending an email! Instead of adding your recipients in the "To:" section, you will click BCC! If you BCC you emails, you can add, let's say 250 people, & those 250 will not be able to see how many people you send that email to!

*But send an email to everyone you know explaining BambooPink & talking about the free-sign up process!
*Tell them that you DO NOT have to purchase or sell anything to sign up! Let them know that they can cancel at anytime with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

**Let me know if you need me to forward you any emails that I have been sending to people!**

- #2: HOST CONFERENCE CALLS:  You need to be having a conference call with the people on you team anywhere from 1 to 2 times a week! If you aren't comfortable with hosting one yourself, let me know & I will be happy do do one for you & you team as well as anyone who wants information.

*As a team leader, that is one of you responsibilities! You have to make sure that your team is getting the most up-to-date, most accurate information! Like I said, if you aren't comfortable hosting one, let me know when & what time & I will be on your call! That is MY JOB as your team leader!

- #3: BLOGGING:  If you aren't familiar with blogging, that's fine too! I have recently started a blog called "The Pink Diamond Blog"! My purpose in creating this blog is to be able to post notes from our team calls (like tonight), notes from calls with Paul & the founders as well as post new information as it becomes available!

*BTW: Paul hosts calls everyday at 1 PM CST that is very imformative & helpful! That # is: 712-432-0075 with access code: 472712#! If you are able to make that call, I urge you & everyone on your team to call & listen in! If not, that's ok!*

Back to blogging!! This is another way to "market" BambooPink & your site! You can also re-direct people back to this blog or let me know if you need help in creating one! I'll be happy to walk you through it!! But also be sure to keep checking back here often for new information from calls, etc! You can also share any post on here on Facebook or through email!!

- #4:  DUPLICATING NUMBERS:  Some people have expressed concerns about their numers not duplicating or they haven't been able to get any  new people to join! The things that I've mentioned are all a part of building your team!! I know that some of us already have prior committments (children, work, school, etc) but in your down time or in the evenings, take that opportunity to send out that email or text...or even call an old friend to catch up & also tell them about BamboPink & this amazing opportunity!

*But what I have recently done is created flyers & brochures! I staple 1 of each together! You can hand them out at school, work, in town grocery shopping & you can even put them on people's windshields or mailboxes!!

**This is very important in seeing duplicating #'s on your team!! Once someone joins under you, you need to focus on explaining BambooPink to them within their first 48-72 hours! This is when the excitement is still there & the drive! It is VERY CRUCIAL that they understand how important Free Sign-Ups are & the benefits!**

*Right now, you don't so much need to be focusing on signing people up for free that will sell!! You just need to be focusing on signing people up for free...PERIOD! Whether they are going to be consultants, or customers or the person that may sit back & watch! Still sign them up!!! It is FREE & they can cancel with NO STRINGS ATTACHED if they see that this is not for them!!

*If you need the flyer or brochure that I've been printing & handing out, let me know & I will send it to you to use!

- #5: - QUESTIONS REGARDING KITS:  A lot of people have been asking about the kits that will be available for purchase! You are NOT required to purchase a kit to be successful in BambooPink! Will it help? Yes! Does it start you off higher? Yes! But is it necessary?? NO!!

*Without purchasing a kit, you are already making 10% off of your Level 1, not including what you make yourself! Now, your Level 1 are the people that have signed up directly under you (A.K.A: your personals)!

*Like Paul said on my call Friday night, "Imagine signing up 50 girlfriends for free! And those 50 girlfriends sell BambooPink! That's a % that you will be getting of 50 checks!!!!" Wow....and that's without purchasing a kit!

*If you do purchase a kit, you get 20% fast start bonus & 13% on your Level 1 PLUS 30% retail commission for all of your sales!!

- #6: - NEW VIDEO COMING OUT:  Paul has said that there will be a new video coming out sometime this week! and in this video, you will see Jude, Frances & Deb giving away the $4,000 ring from the promotion they ran during the free sign-up period! The ring is a white topaz ring! It's very nice! You might have seen it in the past in your back office!!

*He is wanting us to use this video to help market our business & to bring traffic to our BambooPink site! What we need to do is BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) an email to everyone in our address book & include this video! Also, we can add this video to our blogs & our facebooks as well! This is said to help build our team tremendously!!

- #7: - I AM YOUR UPLINE, I AM YOUR LEADER:  If you have any questions, ask me & I will answer them if I have the answer! If I don't, I will try my best to find it out & let you know! Email me, text me, message me on facebook...even call me! I am here to help you & we are all supposed to grow & support each other! Be looking for emails from me regarding new information, team calls, conference calls with Jude, Frances, Deb & Paul, etc!

- #8: KEEP SOCIAL MARKETING:  Keep sending out those emails & those emails!! Almost 22,000 people have joined BambooPink since January 19, 2011! This is THE REAL THING!! BambooPink is a chance of a lifetime opportunity!! BambooPink has already made Billboards in Times Square & CNBC! They have a lucrative comp plan like no other!! I have never seen one like this one! Get paid up to 7 levels!!

*But all of this will be more in depth within the next few days to a week when we go live!! Everyone should be excited about this!! This jewelry is AMAZING!! When people see this jewelry, they are going to be blown away!!

*This jewelry is made by designers who make $5,000 - $80,000 pieces!! So, we know what type of quality we are getting!! They are all going to want a piece of BambooPink!!

*Ask everyone you know this question! "How many people do you know that would have worked their entire lives if they had started with Mary Kay or Avon (in their 1st year), whether they were passionate about jewelry or not?" I know a lot!! They would be MULTI-MILLIONAIRE'S right now..sitting on a beach some place tropical!! Well BambooPink can get you there...if you want it to!!

BAMBOOPINK IS THE REAL THING!! WE ARE GOING PLACES & IT'S ALREADY EXPLODING....FAST!! This is the perfect time to join this company...on the GROUND FLOOR!!


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