Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Notes from Conference Call with Michelle Archer, Ray Mario

Notes from Joy’s conference call

Michelle Archer – Direct of Training for Bamboopink, 20 years experience in Direct Sales
Social networks are people networks! There are people behind those posts on Facebook & Cafe Mom, etc. Even though we are all online, social rules still apply! If you wouldn’t want it done to you, then don’t do it!
  • Be Authentic! Be relatable on Facebook or Blogging! Share your interests, hobbies, likes, so people will know a little about your life. People know the truth when they see it! Being authentic builds trust! A good book to read is “The psychology of sale”
  • Be Likeable!  People buy from & do business with peole they like! Be nice to people! If you’re having a bad day and don’t have something nice to say, say nothing!
  • Be Consistent! It takes the average adult 7 times of seeing something before they act and show interest! Share 3 business posts a day (Ex: new jewelry pictures, Call information, New videos, etc), and 3 non-business (Ex: funny things, things about your day, etc.) posts a day. That goes back to being authentic. If you are a blogger, keep a 1 to 1 ratio!
  • Be Interesting! You want to mix it up some! Don’t just leave text posts! Share links of interest, quotes, pictures, videos! You want to engage people's senses! Don't "preach" or "throw-up" BambooPink.
  • Be a Team Player! Our job to each other is to "pump" each other up! Make friends with other consultants! Friend them on facebook! If you see them post something, business related or not, Like their post or leave a genuine comment! Be encouraging and helpful! Help create a buzz around each other's business.
  • Be careful! Spam is like pornography! You know it when you see it! The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has laws about spam. There is a fine line between "friendly" emails to a colleague & an unsolicited ad. Unsolicited ads falls under the FTC & can have fines up to $16,000. Do not send unsolicited ads or emails! Continuting to BCC your emails is great! It is not what you say in the emails, it's who you send it to! Use your FRANKS list! Some great ways that can expand your "network" are adding your friends friends (common ground), joining groups or organinzations. But, don't join a new group, friend someone & then blast them with BambooPink. If you misquote, the email or statement becomes fraudulent. You want to take the "soft approach"! Try saying, "Hey, would you mind looking at this for me & telling me what you think? or 'Would you mind listening in on this call?'" You could even ask, "Do you know anyone who would be interested in earning some extra money?? or 'Would you forward this to your friends?" Make them your affiliates.


Ray Mario – The Architect of our Compensation Plan, Industry Expert w/ 30 years experience
  • When he met Jude & Frances & they told him about BambooPink, he got excited about it!
  • They wanted to be different so they set out to take the comp plan & build something special that would drive & reward the behavior they were looking for.
  • They studied a lot of party plan companies, most were driven by women, & realized that they were not paying what they should be!
  • They want to reward consultants for growing their business & selling jewelry.
  • Friday the first part of the comp plan will be rolling out and available in the back office & then next week, all of the papers with more details of the comp plan will be released.
  • In your replicated site, every consultant will have a FULL e-commerce site, ordering, and virtual trunk shows, everything you need to do business online! This will all be accessable with a laptop, iPad, or any smartphone.
  • The comp plan is designed to compensate for selling online or in your home.
  • There will be 4 entry levels into the program: you enter as a consultant, which in essence is free & you have 3 levels of jewerly boxes. Figure out what works for you & where you want to start.
  • They will have some promos that will help you jump start your business & also will have some announcements that will help you.
  • In a lot of party plan companies, they don't pay people to build their team. A lot of people sign up with them but they don't have the proper training, etc! That is not BambooPink.
  • All of these tools & training are designed around the comp plan to help you & your team be successful!
  • They have incorporated something called a "Fast Start Bonus"! (Ex: You buy a Couture box, which is $995. If you were to get your 1st 3 people (personals) & help them within your 30 days of doing business to get their 1st 3 people to buy a Couture box, you actually get your money back & make a little profit.)
  • Why do they do that? They want to motivate individuals to practice "hand holding" & become successful & then do the same thing to those 3 people you brought in because you want your Powerteam Bonus.
  • Also, they have created something called a "Check Matching Bonus"! All people you personally enroll & sponsor into the business, as they grow & sales start taking place, you will earn a check match. (Ex: Bring in 6 individuals & those 6 people every month earn a couple thousand dollars each. Our check match goes from 7% of jewerly sales up to 20% at the top of the comp plan!"
  • A lot of the comp plans in the other companies only pay really up to 4 levels. BambooPink pays 7 levels.
  • They tried to simplify everything where it was easy to explain in the documents! It's really exciting!
  • Once we are live, there will be an income calculator available in your back office so you can put your income goals in and determine what you and your team need to do to reach those income goals & be successful!


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