Thursday, March 31, 2011

My WHY??!!

What is my WHY?? What is my reasoning behind BambooPink??

Well, I can tell you that it's simple! I am a stay-at-home Mom to a beautiful baby boy & a wife to loving, hard-working husband! From the time we have talked about having children, we have always said that if we are able, I was going to stay home! Well, the time came where we welcomed into the world a beatutiful, healthy, 8 lb baby boy!

After one look at him, I knew that he deserved anything & everything in this world! My husband has worked since he was old enough to! Anything he wanted & everything that he has, he has worked for! That is how it is! He does more than enough to provide for his family & to ensure that we have everything that we need & want! He is determined for us to have a wonderful life, no matter what he has to do! So my WHY?? I want to be able to contribute to my family in more than 1 way (staying home with our son)! I want to be able to say, "You know what? I did this & I'm proud that I did!" No regrets...EVER! I now know that I am where I should be at this time in my life! I know that BambooPink is the way that I am going to meet my goals & be proud about it! How is BambooPink going to allow me to do that?

GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY! I am being given this chance to actually get in with a company before it even launches!! How many people wished they could've done that with a lot of BIG companies out there? I think everyone does! Well's time for ME to do something with this opportunity being offered! That's exactly what I'm going to do!

I'm going to help my husband give our son anything & everything he deserves!! I'm going to help my husband create a better life for us, not that our life isn't great already! But I'm going to help give our family that "little bit more"! Our son deserves it, my husband deserves it & so do I!!

They are my WHY! They are my reasoning for eating, sleeping & breathing BambooPink!! You deserve it too!


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