Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Personal Story of BambooPink!

I have always wanted to work for myself by doing something that I love, with something that I love! I have looked into joining alot of the "work-from-home" companies that are out there! Avon, Mary Kay, Melaleuca, etc! But, after looking into them more & doing more research, I never really had "that" feeling about any of them...not including the start-up fee for some of them was absolutely NUTS!!

I had heard about so many working from home & some not making any money while others are making more than enough! I would think to myself, "Where in the world do they find these opportunities?" Trying to find that "right" one, that didn't cost an arm & a leg while making sure I wasn't being scammed, was like pulling teeth!! It's TOUGH! There are so many sites out there "offering" free work at home opportunities, while many of them are just offering a site for you to put in your personal information & then somehow, it never works out! So how do you really know which one is "legit"??

That was a question that I have struggled with for so long, while working at my regular that was paying the bills, but at that regular job, I wasn't truly happy!!

Whenever I cam across the information about BambooPink, the 1st thing that caught my eye was 'FREE', like it should! Like anyone else with any sense though, "Yea right!!" But, I'm a nosey person, so I clicked on it anyway! The information seemed too good to be true, but I had "that" feeling as I kept reading the information! "No Hard Calling, No Home Shows Required!" Really?? Wow...what's the catch!!?? So, then I went & researched JudeFrances, !

As I was looking at their website, I was absolutely blown away by the things that I read & saw! That jewelry that I was looking at was GORGEOUS! You'll see for yourself if you go to their link, that the pieces they design are pieces that EVERY woman dreams of owning, or even getting a quick look at! As I was looking & reading, I got really really REALLY excited!

As I thought more about BambooPink & as I imagined all of the great things that could come out of this opportunity, I got even more excited & went for it! I took that leap of faith & signed up! After all, it says FREE...but if I see anywhere that they want any of my personal information (ex: SS#, account #s, etc), I'm not doing it! So I went through the whole sign-up process & not once did they ask for my personal information! I got my own replicated site & read about the $4,000 jewelry give-a-way contest that was going on! I started looking around my site & went to the "forms" section where I found more information on this Opportunity & some info on Jude & Frances!

THAT is whenever I knew this was going to be a great thing!! The more involved I got with the daily conference calls, the more information I got! I pretty much had to do all of the "finding out" for myself! The consultant that I signed under, I have never heard anything from her! Not an email, text, call...nothing! So, I was doing all of this research myself, until someone from my upline (the person my leader signed under) sent me an email!! That was one of the best emails that I have gotten since I've joined! Not because of the information it contained, but because someone was recognizing my hard work in building my team & getting as many people to sign up as possible!

By my new "leader" & a leader she has been, by her contacting me, I have been kept up-to-date with everything that is going on with the company! Anywhere from conference call reminders & team call schedules to new information that is about to come out! She has been so helpful in helping me build my team & being as, what I like to call, "successful", so far! Everyone has been so supportive of one another even though we are all in this to better ourselves! That's NOT something you find with other companies! Sure, the "leaders" extend their advice, when asked, but you don't really find the support from your fellow consultants like you do with BambooPink!

In the few weeks that I have been with this company, I have grown my team to 115 with 44 personals and I'm so thrilled by that! To me, that is great considering the small area that I am in! Because of the size of my team, I am eligible to attend an event in Dallas, April 19, where I will have the opportunity to meet the AMAZING women behind this phenominal company!! In this company, I will be rewarded for my hard work with free jewelry & a compensation plan like NO OTHER!! This is truly a blessing that has finally come my way & I am so greatful to be a part of a company so generous!



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