Monday, March 21, 2011

New video to be released today or tomorrow

On Paul's call on Saturday, March 19th, he told us about a video that will be released MOnday or Tuesday, March 21 or 22 depicting the winner of the $4k ring they are giving away to the winner of the promotion they ran during the free sign-up period.

We can use this video to help market our business and bring traffic to our bamboopink site!  We will do this by (1) sending the link of the video to everyone we know and (2) asking them to view this video to help increase the number of views... then we will share later in the week the large number of view that the video receives.

Work now to update your blind cc list to include everyone that you know and prepare drafts, so when the video is uploaded to youtube you are ready to go!

Once the video is uploaded to youtube.  You will go to youtube and click "share."  Copy the link that is put into an outgoing email and then paste it into your email drafs and on your facebook page with the below message.

I suggest your email draft looks like this:

SUBJECT:  bamboopink is giving away a BEAUTIFUL $4k RING, check it out!

copy link here

Check-out this beautiful JudeFrances ring that bamboopink is giving away!  It is a GORGEOUS white topaz ring that retails for almost $4,000.  I am so excited to be a part of bamboopink by JudeFrances.  I look forward to earning a lot of beautifull pieces of JudeFrances jewelry.  The extremely competitive bamboopink compensation plan will not only be monetarily lucrative but will also include JudeFrances jewelry rewards!  As I grow within the company the value of the jewelry I earn will grow as well!  I even have the opportunity to earn a ring valued at $25,000!  I can't wait to see that ring on my hand.

Have a great week,
Your name website

(copy link at bottom of page)


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