Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Conference Call Notes - 8 PM CST

For those of you who missed the call tonight with Paul, I am going to try to sum it up as best as I can! He talked about the Comp Plan tonight a good bit!!


*** If you are NOT growing or your numbers are not is probably because you are not having team calls!! ***

*You need to be having 1 to 2 team calls a week!!

* Let your upline do the work for you!

*Tell all of your personals about the call & then have them tell their personals & so forth in order to grow!!

* Get someone successful from your network (100, 300, 500, 700, etc on their team) to be on the call to cover certain topics! < Paul has said that he will help in ANY WAY that he can!>

*Participants DO NOT have to talk...they will be muted! All they have to do is listen & grow!


* Diamond & Pink Diamond levels will be reached fast...& in record time! By being a Diamond consultant & Pink Diamond consultant, you get 2% of the entire company's matter the levels!

*Some people have asked about purchasing the boxes & moving up! Yes, people who purchase the boxes/kits will move through the levels faster! But it IS NOT required to purchase a box! YOU CAN STILL BE VERY SUCCESSFUL IN THIS BUSINESS WITHOUT PURCHASING A BOX!

*If you buy a box & you have 5 girlfriends who also buy a box, you already have made 100% of your revenue back!

* You will get 20% from boxes on direct sales PLUS 30% retail commission for all sales!

* Level % (round about):
     - 1 & 2 level: 10%
     - 3 thru 5: 5%

* Level % with purchase of a box (round about):
     - 1: 13%
     - 2: 10%
     - 3 & 4: 5%

* There is a new video that is about to come out that will change things majorly!

*Once you are able to start ordering your boxes or pieces & people see them, they will want to automatically be a part of Bamboo Pink some way!

* This jewelry is like NOT like any other jewelry sold by any direct sales company!

*This jewelry has it's own factory! The creators of these pieces sale $2,000 - $30,000 pieces & Bamboo Pink jewelry will be of that same quality!

*If you want a HUGE bonus, focus on the VTS (Virtual Trunk Shows) & HTS (Home Trunk Shows)

* Once you schedule your show with the company, you can have items purchase online (VTS) & in a home (HTS) during show time!

*Once your show is set up, send out an email, text or phone call to everyone you know asking them to please help you build your new business that you are starting by purchasing something! Tell them that anything helps & ask them to pass the word a long!

* Purchases made on your VTS or HTS go towards your grand total!

* Example: You sell $700 online & $300 in home, that puts you at $1000! You will then get a 30% CASH BONUS ($300) PLUS $250 in a jewelry bonus that you are able to choose, on top of your normal earnings!

* The residuals are very important!

* 90% of women already with a direct sales company (Mary Kay, Avon, etc) possibly get paid off of 1-4 levels & they WORK THEIR BUTTS OFF & hardly make anything! Why not join a company that is offering a part of the entire company (Diamond & Pink Diamond levels)??

*The FREE SIGN UPS are very important because they do 3 things:
     - 1: More exposure : You have more advertising going on!
     - 2: Conversion : You have more people to get a % of sign ups
     - 3: Compression: Gives you more of an opportunity to get ahead b/c people who don't "engage" get moved to your "customer file"
           (Ex: You have 50 people that have signed up for free! But only 5 actually sell! That "compresses" the other 45 into your customer file!)

* You can also buy a list of jewelry customers (people who buy regularly buy jewelry) & send them an email, etc & your business will EXPLODE!

* There is a goal video that is about to come out!

* Paul asks us to do the following:
     - Watch the video
     - Then make a list with 10 accomplishments that you want to achieve by July 12, 2010
     - Start each thing off by saying, "I will...."
     - Keep the list & read it every morning/day/night
     - Do NOT worry about the negative comments or people around! Push them to the side for now & concentrate on YOUR BUSINESS & PERSONAL GOALS!

*Be aggressive! Keep texting, calling, emailing until your friends tell you to stop! Then apologize & say that you just thought they would want information on a company that will "allow you to cash out with me"!

* Ask yourself, "How many of you would have worked 1 year straight when Mary Kay or Avon 1st came out, whether you were passionate about make-up or not? If you had, you would be a multi-millionaire right now!! Well you are being offered that opportunity with Bamboo Pink!!"

The reason why Paul keeps comparing Bamboo Pink to Avon & Mary Kay is because this company is EXPLODING as we speak! Already over 20,000 people have joined! This is going to be THE NEXT Mary Kay & the revolution of the women's internet business!!



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